Family law

Family life is now diverse. If problems arise in the family environment and if the issues are insurmountable, the path to court is often inevitable. Starting the process is often painful and I will support you through this.

Divorce law

A divorce is not only emotionally painful, but can endanger your economic wellbeing or welfare and that of your children.

Timely preventative measures – before and during the marriage, if necessary by means of suitable agreements. Timely advice before and during the divorce or separation of partners saves you and your children and dependents from not only the mental stress and years of conflict, but also from financial losses.

I will advise you on the necessary precautions, such as questions of maintenance, related social insurance consequences (health insurance, pension entitlements, etc.) and assist you in the enforcement of your rights after divorce or separation. I will support you to make the appropriate proposals to ensure a fair balance of asset allocation.

Marriage contract

My law firm will be happy to advise you on a case-by-case basis – regardless of whether the marriage is imminent or the marriage has already been in existence for a while.

Drafting of a legally valid will

You want to draft a legally valid will and have questions about the formal rules and the question of who actually has a right of inheritance and what that is?

You may be worried about these and other questions, such as what rights “care-giving relatives” have, when a compulsory heirship portion must be paid, or under what conditions a person with a compulsory heirship portion can be disinherited. In order to ensure that your “last will” is really fulfilled, I will be happy to advise you.