Traffic law

Many traffic accidents cause litigation. In the area of civil litigation, there are claims for personal injury and damage which need to be guided to conclusion, in particular according to the principles of the ABGB (Austrian General Civil Code) and the EKHG (Railway and Automobile Liability Act). The question of fault in the accident can also have far-reaching consequences for the areas of criminal law and administrative law. In addition to a driving ban, a criminal conviction may ensue.

I will analyse the accident sequence of events with you, in order to describe the facts of the case to the Court and correctly evidence these. This includes examining the evidence as well as assessing prospect of success in the proceedings. I will inform you about the heads of claim available to you.

Personal injury compensation

If you are hurt or suffer a financial loss due to a traffic accident which is the fault of a third party, I will discuss the valuation of claims with you on the basis of your injury and your financial losses claim on the basis of the heads of claim available. In certain circumstances liability without fault is possible, which is called strict liability, if for example in legal terms a third party is liable even if not negligent.