Corporate law

When founding a company, it is not just about the fulfillment of formal requirements of the foundation of a company, important questions must be clarified:

  • The right legal entity
    To create an optimal framework for working with your customers, business partners and employees.
  • Establishment of company memorandum and incorporation agreement
    For the contractual demarcation from the competitor, the drafting of terms and conditions in the company itself and with other companies and for the termination of company functions.
  • Disputes in the company
    Are there intra-company disputes that affect the company’s business, does the originally signed company agreement need to be modified in order to meet current circumstances?

Business Succession

Sooner or later, an entrepreneur is confronted with the question of who should take over the operations and how to arrange the transfer of the company. On the one hand, the appropriate successor needs to be found and, in addition to the economic effects of the handing over of business, legal framework conditions must also be observed.

Tax problems and company succession
Naturally – as with any transfer of assets – tax and taxation issues are also to be resolved, which need a timely examination. In order to enable a tax-optimizing procedure, it is necessary to pay due regard to this both in the choice of the legal entity and in the drafting of the contract.

Insolvency law

The economic situation of a company or a private individual can lead to insolvency due to adverse circumstances arising from over-indebtedness or insolvency. On a case by case basis, my law firm is instructed with the mass administration of insolvent companies and is entrusted with the best possible handling of the proceedings.

In the case of insolvency of a business, my law firm will advise you on the current situation of the company. Specific legal issues are pointed out and, if necessary and indicated, a previous assessment is corrected. On this basis, if needed, the application for insolvency commencement can be made and during the procedure we can cooperate on an optimum basis with the mass administrator appointed by the court to represent your interests. What is of crucial importance is, in particular, legal advice to secure your livelihood, or to achieve a voluntary arrangement and thus the continuity of your company.

Enforcement and debt collection

If you want to make a claim against a debtor, my law firm will be happy to assist you. Ineffective correspondence can thus be avoided, as well as debt collection costs which are often identified as “not recoverable” in court proceedings.

If the debtor does not pay on an out-of-court basis, a judgment can be obtained in court as an enforcement order, which obliges the debtor to pay his debt to you.

If the debtor does not pay even if the enforcement order was served, I will examine together with you which method of debt collection is suitable to enforce the judgment and to force the payment of your claim.